Future Tesla Autopilot Updates Coming Soon

The Tesla team is continually improving Autopilot and Full Self-Driving, the technology that allows Tesla vehicles to nearly drive themselves under supervision, and new updates are being released on a regular basis.  As the number of Tesla vehicles grow, Tesla is able to collect ever-more information from the fleet’s onboard cameras and sensors.  It uses this data to ‘teach’ the Autopilot neural network (AI) how to become a better virtual driver.

The Future: Full Autonomous Driving

Of course, the big future promise from Tesla has always been full autonomous Level 5 (what do Levels mean?) driving, which would allow cars to fully drive themselves but there have been numerous delays bringing that promise to fruition.

However, now with the Full Self Driving Computer (aka Hardware 3) rolling out and Tesla’s announcements from the Tesla Autonomy Day in April of 2019, we should see rapid acceleration in 2019 and 2020.

During Autonomy Day, Elon stated that he expect “feature complete” by the end of 2019 … which essentially means the features will be there, but not yet ready to be used by consumers. Elon said specifically, “There’s three steps to self-driving: There’s being ‘feature complete’, then there’s being ‘feature complete’ to the degree where we think that the person in the car does not need to pay attention, then there’s being at a reliability level where we’ve also convinced regulators that is true.”

Tesla release a video from Autonomy day demonstrating Full Self Driving (in developer mode), on a Model 3:

Tesla Full Self-Driving Demo Video (April 2019)

Also see the original autonomous demonstration videos from Tesla.

Near Term: Gradual Full Self-Driving Improvements

In the near term, we’re going to see slow but steady improvements to the Full Self-Driving set of features as Tesla continues to upgrade its capabilities, especially with Hardware 3 (aka FSD Computer) that started rolling out in early 2019, which will provide much more computing power.

Autopilot on City Streets

Other smaller, but significant updates are slated soon, according to Tesla and Elon Musk. In mid-December 2018 Elon tweeted that Tesla is working on the following enhancements that would make using Autopilot on city streets much safer (it’s not recommended today):

  • Traffic light detection (in beta as of March 2019)
  • Stop sign detection (mid 2019)
  • Navigation of roundabouts (TBD)

Here’s his tweet:

Musk also claimed that Tesla owners should soon be able to drive from home to work without any driver interaction at all. The Tesla CEO did not have a timeline for these rollouts at the time of his tweets, but Tesla now lists traffic light and stop sign detection as being available at the end of 2019. That said, have seen reports that the latest software updates include traffic light detection and warning. The roundabout feature will likely take longer to implement.

While 2019 sounds promising, one potential hurdle faced by Tesla comes from the federal government. There are no laws on the books that mandate the regulation of autonomous vehicles on the road. Even if Tesla Autopilot moves closer to fully autonomous driving, it is unclear what, if any, effect it may have on drivers.

Several videos posted to the internet by Tesla and Tesla drivers show some hacked vehicles already navigate city traffic, stop signs and traffic lights just fine on Autopilot. Still, Tesla warns drivers that they must still be fully alert and ready to take over when Autopilot is engaged.

Autonomous Full Self-Driving

During Autonomy Day, Elon went as far as to say that Tesla vehicles will be ‘feature complete’ for autonomous Full Self-Driving by year’s end and available for consumers to use mid 2020, including use for the Robotaxi service.

He then tweeted that Tesla will complete the autonomous cross-country trip by the end of 2019, and consumer will be able to as well!

Our Take

In conclusion, it’s exciting to see new features roll out as the over-the-air software updates are one of the things that make Tesla so special. With the release of Hardware 3 in early 2019, we expect the Full Self-Driving feature set to accelerate even more in in the future. 2020 should be an exciting year for autonomous driving and Tesla owners!

See the Autonomy Day video for more insights.

Recent Software Updates

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