Tesla Referral Code for Free Supercharging 2018

Thinking of buying a new Model S or X? For a limited time, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Tesla Referral Program that offers free Supercharging for life if you use a valid Tesla referral code until July 31, 2018.  The Tesla Referral Program allows current Model S and X owners to share their personal referral code, giving prospective buyers free lifetime Supercharging for as long as they own the vehicle. Discover all the benefits of this amazing referral program below.

The 2018 Tesla Referral Program at a Glance

When purchasing a Model S or X (sorry, not the Model 3) by July 31, 2018 using a Tesla referral code from an existing owner, you’ll get the following:

  • Lifetime Free Supercharging from more than 1,200 locations across the United States and Canada.
  • A chance to race a Telsa Semi at the company’s test track via entry into a raffle.
    • If you want a chance to race a Tesla Semi, sign up for Tesla’s online newsletter using the existing owner’s code.

Limitations and considerations:

  • The free Supercharging offer ends July 30th and is only good for Model S and Model X orders.
  • Offer only applies to Model S and X orders (not Model 3).
  • Free Supercharging only applies to the original owner of the vehicle and cannot be transferred upon sale.
  • Read full details at Tesla’s website.

How Do You Get a Tesla Referral Code?

You can get a valid Tesla referral code from existing Tesla Model S and X owners. If you know someone who owns a Tesla, see if they have a spare code (we also list codes from owners here, below). Existing owners have up to five codes to distribute to their friends until July 31, 2018. The program offers a handy way to get word-of-mouth advertising for Tesla’s higher-end models. It’s also a great way to plug into the benefits program and save money.

Need a valid code? To help our readers out, we rotate valid codes from our friends and family here:

Current Active Tesla Referral Code: frank25443

Tesla Referral Program and Codes 2018

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How Do You Use The Tesla Referral Code?

To use the code, click on the link (e.g. button above) that leads to the Tesla website with the person’s referral code offers.  There you’ll see what you get if you purchase a Model S or Model X by clicking on those links.  In some cases, the person the person may have already given out over 5 referrals, so be sure to check what you’ll get on the Tesla website.

Should I order now? In a word, yes (you have three days to cancel if you change your mind).  Remember:

  • Free Supercharging runs out on July 31, 2018.
  • In addition, due to demand, current orders won’t arrive until Q2 2018, cutting close for the $7,500 Federal Tax rebate (estimated to end in the send half of this year).

Why Should I Care About Free Supercharging?

Supercharging is an important feature among Tesla owners. Most owners plug in their vehicles at home overnight to charge the batteries inside the Tesla vehicle. Charging from home could take hours. Supercharging stations have special technology that completes a charge in 30 minutes.

Tesla has an infrastructure of over 1,200 Supercharging stations and a total of nearly 8,500 Supercharging units across the United States and Canada. These stations are strategically located along interstate highways for cross-country travel and in busy urban centers. The idea is that Tesla owners can recharge their vehicles at any point along their travels. As you can imagine, there is a large concentration of Supercharging stations in California and along the Northeast Corridor between Washington D.C. and Boston where there are large populations of people.

Owners without the free Supercharging benefit pay 20 cents per kilowatt-hour for charging. Tesla estimates that this cost comes to $90 to drive 1,500 miles versus $195 when getting 21 MPG at $2.73 per gallon of gasoline. Tesla even has a handy trip planner to make sure your car never runs out of power. The 400 kilowatt-hour Supercharging credit per year gives you about 1,000 miles of driving before you need to start paying for this service.

Why Is Tesla Doing This?

There are several reasons why Tesla is continuing its referral code for free Supercharging until the middle of spring 2018. The program gives owners incentives to talk to one another and spread the word about Tesla’s vehicles.

This program also encourages more people to purchase Model S and X cars rather than a Model 3. The Supercharging referral code program doesn’t pertain to the Model 3. The Model 3 is less expensive, at around $35,000, compared to the other two vehicles. A new Model S costs $69,200, and a Model X is $80,700. New Tesla owners might spend more money up front but then save money in the long run on Supercharging.

When all Tesla owners had access to free Supercharging it clogged up the network. Some owners had to wait hours before charging their vehicles because the program was so popular. After many complaints, the company changed the system wherein owners receive a 400 kilowatt-hour credit per year for Supercharging their vehicles and then pay a small fee after that point. The coded referral system for new owners, coupled with fees for existing owners, helps Tesla to reinvest in more infrastructure while limiting the cars that utilize the Supercharging network.

Everyone Wins

The Tesla referral code program for Supercharging in 2018 generates excitement for the brand while giving new and existing owners incentives to talk to each other about purchasing a higher-end Tesla model. Free Supercharging works for new owners because it saves them money while traveling long distances. Existing owners who give out their codes get in on new and exclusive Tesla offerings found nowhere else.

No matter who plugs into this system, there are winners all around. Tesla sells more vehicles and has the opportunity to invest more money in its Supercharger network. New owners save money on gas and vehicle maintenance, and existing owners get bragging rights with new merchandise and financial incentives. The global environment sees fewer carbon emissions to help combat global warming, which means the whole world wins with more Tesla cars on the road.

Need a valid code? To help our readers out, we rotate valid codes from our friends and family here:

Current Active Tesla Referral Code: frank25443

Tesla Referral Program and Codes 2018

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