Latest Tesla Autopilot Software Updates

Tesla continually improves its electric vehicles with over-the-air software updates that include enhancements to Autopilot, legacy “Enhanced Autopilot”, and Full Self-Driving (FSD) features in the future.

Note that Tesla recently completely updated their Autopilot options to simplify the lineup across its EVs. Enhanced Autopilot is no longer offered and instead, autonomous driving features have been folded into the Full Self-Driving option.

Was There a Tesla Software Update Today?

Tesla Motors continually rolls out firmware updates to its electric cars, including the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S and X, and probably even the Semi and upcoming Roadster ;).  They typically test new features on a smaller set of vehicles first (e.g. 1,000), including Elon Musk’s own car, to ensure there are no issues ‘in the wild’ before rolling firmware updates out to the broader fleet. 

How often your Tesla’s Autopilot is updated depends on your patch cycle.  Each Tesla vehicle typically has a 30 to 60 day patch cycle, which means that you may not get every incremental update. This ensures the electric vehicle fleet is relatively heterogeneous and not prone to single-bug failures.

It’s probably also helpful to have a strong Wi-Fi signal since the updates can be large. The good news is that your Tesla mobile app will now alert you to updates and allow you to apply them remotely!

What Do the Tesla Software Version Numbers Mean?

Tesla software updates typically look something like this: 2021.40.5.1, where the numbers generally mean:

  • 2021 – year
  • 40 – week of software build
  • 5 – version / revision
  • 1 – bug patch number

When you have an update available, the Tesla app will now show you the version number ready to be installed.

Tesla Software Updates 2023

Listed below are the latest major software updates with notable Tesla Autopilot improvements mentioned in the release notes.

NOTE: FSD Beta software releases are tracked on the FSD Beta Updates page.

September 2023 Software Updates

2023.32, including 2023.32.4, 2023.32.6, etc. – Misc Features

  • Camera Clarity: Video post-processing has improved white and color balance from the vehicle’s camera feeds. This results in more natural-looking videos.
  • Hebrew Language: You can now choose Hebrew as your touchscreen language (Model 3 and Y)
  • Volume Indicator: The volume indicator on the new Model X and S is now vertical instead of horizontal

July – August 2023 Software Updates

2023.26, including 2023.26.7, 2023.26.8, etc. – Major Release with New Features

  • Charge on Solar: Charge your Tesla with solar energy if you have a Powerwall. 
  • Bluetooth Game Controllers: Use Bluetooth controllers to play games in Arcade. (Y and 3)
  • Automatic Headlights: Your lights turn on automatically when windshield wipers are activated and headlights are set to Auto in Controls > Lights > Headlights
  • Camera View on Tesla App: You can now see multiple cameras at once when checking your vehicle’s surroundings.
  • Spotify Refresh: Play your Spotify music, playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks with a more familiar look and feel.
  • Vampire Survivors Game: Defend yourself against an onslaught of night creatures to survive until dawn.
  • Destination Closing Soon: Navigation now shows if your destination is closing soon or may be closed by the time you arrive.

June 2023 Software Updates

2023.20.X, including 2023.20.4.1 – Misc Features

  • Text Size: Large text size feature is now available in all supported languages.
  • Tire Service Mileage: Go to Controls > Service to see how many miles it’s been since your last tire service. When your tires are rotated, replaced, or swapped, tap ‘Reset’ on the counter.

May 2023 Software Updates

2023.12.9 – Misc Features

  • Refresh Your Data Sharing Settings: Enable or disable data sharing and learn more about how Tesla uses anonymous data to improve existing safety and convenience features and create new ones.

April 2023 Software Updates

2023.6.12 – Misc Updates

  • Misc Updates: Phone Call Controls, Text Size, Scroll Wheel Customization, Controls Search, Gear Chimes, Points of Interest, Voice Recognition Language – British English

2023.6.100.1 – Regenerative Braking

  • Regenerative Braking – Choose the amount of regenerative braking applied when you release the accelerator pedal.

2023.6.9 – Park Assist

  • Tesla Vision Park Assist – Tesla Vision Park Assist provides visual and audio alerts of surrounding objects. For vehicles without parking sensors.

March 2023 Software Updates

2023.6 – Bug Fixes

2023.6.1 and 2023.6.8 include:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Bug Fixes

January / February 2023 Software Updates

2023.2.10 – New Featuers

2022.2.0.5 and 2022.2.10 include:

  • Sentry Mode Lighting – Sentry Mode will now softly pulse the headlights to indicate that your vehicle is recording video (Model 3 and Y)
  • Auto Steering Wheel Heat – Set your steering wheel heater to regulate its temperature automatically based on the climate control set temperature (Model 3 and Y)

December 2022 Software Updates

2022.44.25 – Holiday Update

2022.44.25.1 and 2022.44.30.8 includes:

  • Apple Music – Stream Apple Music ad-free. Listen to your entire library and more.
  • Steam (Beta) – Access the Steam store. Buy and play immersive games.
  • Dog Mode – View the interior camera from the mobile app while using Dog Mode or Sentry Mode.
  • myQ Connected Garage – Monitor and control your myQ garage door remotely.
  • Emissions Testing Mode via Mobile App – Emissions Testing Mode can now be used from the Mobile App.
  • Zoom Meetings – Make video calls with Zoom using the interior cabin camera
  • Mahjong – Play the relaxing tile match game in your Telsa!
  • Always Rainbows – Allow your driving visualization to show Rainbow Road when Autopilot is active.
  • Scheduled Light Show – Schedule the Light Show for up to 10 minutes in advance
  • Auto Turn Signals – Turn signals can automatically deactivate upon completing a lane change, fork, or merge
  • Sentry Mode Enhancements – Sentry Mode will now let you specify whether or not to use cameras for detection and adjust the clip length.

November 2022 Software Updates

2022.40 – Misc. Updates

2022.40.2, 2022.40.4.2, 2022.40.7, and 2022.40.8 include:

  • Sentry Mode and Dog Mode – Both now can now be enabled at the same time.
  • Radio Station Logos – The Media Player now displays radio station logos
  • Regenerative Braking – Your vehicle can now automatically apply regular brakes for consistent deceleration when regenerative braking

October 2022 Software Updates

2022.36 – App Updates

2022.36.1, 2022.36.4, and 2022.36.6 include:

  • Energy App – Improved Energy App with more accurate predictions and details.
  • Supercharger App – See details on a Supercharger location, including a usage graph.
  • Car Left Open Notifications – Get notified if your car is left unlocked.

September 2022 Software Updates

2022.28 – Primarily bug fixes.

  • Tesla Vision Update – Your vehicle is now running Tesla Vision, if applicable.

July & August 2022 Software Updates

2022.24 – Cloud Profiles and More:

2022.24.1, 2022.24.5, and 2022.24.6 include:

  • Telsa Cloud Profiles – Sync driver settings across multiple Tesla vehicles
  • Blind Spot Camera Repositioning – Adjust placement of blind spot camera view
  • Traffic Along Route – Show traffic along the route more prominently
  • Disable Sentry Sounds – Quiet external vehicle Sentry sounds
  • Driver Profiles – Navigation recent or favorites now saved in driver profiles

2022.20 – Misc Updates:

2022.20.5, 2020.20.7, and 2020.20.8 include:

  • Green Light Chime – The Greenlight Chime feature no longer appears to require EAP or FSD.
  • Tesla Adaptive Suspension – (Model S & X) – Adapts suspension automatically if rough roads are detected again.
  • Seat Belt Enhancement – Seatbelts will be pre-tensioned if Tesla Vision detects an imminent collision.
  • Tire Configuration – (Model 3) Reset the learned tire settings directly after a tire rotation, swap, or replacement to improve your driving experience.

May & June 2022 Software Updates

2022.16 – Media Profiles

2022.16.1.2 and 2022.16.3 include:

  • Maximum Autopilot Speed – Autopilot’s maximum speed has been increased from 80 mph to 85 mph
  • Media Driver Profiles – Media Player accounts (e.g. Spotify login) are now linked to your driver profile.
  • Regenerative Braking (Model 3 & Y) – Your vehicle can now automatically apply regular brakes for consistent deceleration when regenerative braking is limited, under Settings.
  • Navigation Energy Prediction – Energy prediction for your route has been improved by incorporating forecasted crosswind, headwind, humidity, and ambient temperature when using online navigation.

March, April 2022 Software Updates

2022.12 – Misc. Updates & Bug Fixes

2022.12.13, 2022.12.13.6, 2022.12.13.8 , and 2022.12.13.9 key features include:

  • Additional Bottom Bar Customization – You can now add vehicle controls such as defrost or wipers to the button bar.
  • Child Lock – Child Lock can now be enabled for a single rear door.

2022.8 – Misc. Updates

2022.8.2 and 2022.8.5 include:

  • Charging Time Estimation – Estimated charging times are now more accurate.
  • Vehicle Preconditioning – Vehicle preconditioning accessed via the Tesla app will now remain active up to 30 minutes after a door is opened.
  • Active Phone Calls – Improved display on status bar
  • Boombox – only active now while parked

February 2022 Software Updates

2022.4.5 – Seat Belt Chime Fix

2022.4.5.1 to 2022.4.5.17, and 2022.4.5.18 include:

  • Range Display Calibration Notice on Model 3 – (2022.4.5.16)
  • FSD Beta “Request Access” button for Canada (2022.4.5.4)
  • Software update to fix the audible seat belt reminder chime issue
  • Car colorizer – Customize how your car appears on the touchscreen and mobile app with the Car Colorizer

January 2022 Software Updates

2022.4 – Autopilot Regenerative Braking

2021.4 release includes:

  • Autopilot will now use more regenerative braking at low speeds for higher efficiency and an improved driving experience
  • New Map (Navigation Data) Update

2021.44.30 – 2021 Model S Plaid Track Mode + Bug Fixes

2021.44.30.1 to 2021.44.30.14, and 2021.44.30.15 release notes include:

  • Track Mode for the 2021 Model S Plaid including improved thermals, drive systems, suspension and display updates to support this mode.
  • There are also updates to the heating system to address potential issues.

December 2021 Software Updates

2021.44.25 – Holiday Release

Tesla Light Show

2021.44.25.2 is the ‘holiday’ release and includes the items below.
  • Light Show – Like the classic one for the Model X, but for other other vehicles as well now. “Watch your Tesla dance to a choreographed light show any time of year. Open Toybox, tap Light Show and follow the instructions.” You can even program it!
  • Boombox Megaphone – Project your voice with additional authority using the new Megaphone function. Tap Toybox > Boombox > Megaphone. (car must be in park).
  • TikTok – You can now watch TikTok from your touchscreon. To launch, tap the Theater icon from the bottom bar and select TikTok while your car is in park.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog – The original Sonic the Hedgehog!
  • Sudoku – Fill every square and enjoy this classic logic puzzle game
  • Blind Spot Camera – You can now automatically see a live camera view of your blind spot whenever you activate the turn signal.
  • Edit Waypoints – Easily reorder or add multiple destinations to your route with updated arrival times.
  • Customizable App Launcher – Drag and drop your favorite apps to any position along the bottom bar (Model 3 and Y)
  • Dark Mode – You can now change to a dark themed display.
  • Subwoofer – You can now adjust your subwoofer by bringing up your Media Player, and tapping the settings icon > Tone.
Tesla 2021 Holiday Update by Model

2021.44 to 2021.44.6 – Autopark, and Profile Improvements

2021.44, 2021.44.5, and 2021.44.6 release notes include:

  • Autopark – Autopark now identifies perpendicular parking spots using painted markings and road edges.
  • Driver Profiles – Each Driver Profile will now have its own individual Work and Home address. To update, select your profile, tap Navigation and long press either Work or Home.
  • Driver Door Unlock Mode – Unlock only the driver door when approaching the vehicle (Model 3, Y)
  • Vehicle Sync (Beta) – Driver Profile settings such as seat, mirror and steering wheel positions can now synchronize across supported vehicles owned by the same Tesla Account. (Model 3, Y, 2021 S & X)

Here’s the breakdown by model:

November 2021 Software Updates

2021.40 – Waypoints (Stops), TIDAL, TACC Chime

2021.40 release notes include:

  • TIDAL – TIDAL streaming is now available from the Media menu with a TIDAL account.
  • TACC Chime – You will now receive an audio alert when Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is enabled.
  • Active Noise Reduction (2021 Model S and X only) – Your vehicle now has the ability to actively reduce low-frequency road noise while driving on rough surfaces.

2021.40.6, 2021.40.5 and 2021.40.5.1 release notes added:

  • Stops – You can now add waypoints to your route by tapping the “+” icon on the navigation search button and searching for a destination, or selecting a pin on the map.

October 2021 Software Updates

2021.36 – Yoke Improvements & Remote Sentry Mode

2021.36 includes:

  • Yoke Behavior Changes – Updates to vehicles with a Yoke to improve turn signal behavior.

2021.36.8 includes:

  • Sentry Mode Live Camera Access – Remotely view your car’s surroundings when parked to confirm the safety of your environment before returning to your car. (iOS only at this point)

September 2021 Software Updates

2021.32 – FSD Beta Request, Disney+, Car Wash Mode, and more…

2021.32.22 includes:

2021.32.10, 2021.32.20, and 2021.32.20.1 include:

  • Immersive Sound – which has additional granularity along with an AUTO setting that will adjust based on the type of content playing. To access it, tap Media > Audio Settings > Immersive Sound > AUTO.

2021.32.5 includes:

  • Cabin Camera – The cabin camera above your rearview mirror can now detect and alert driver inattentiveness while Autopilot is engaged.
  • Autopark (Model S Plaid) – Your vehicle can now automatically park in parallel and perpendicular spots.

August 2021 Software Updates

2021.24 – Disney+ and Car Wash Mode

2021.24.3, 2021.24.4, and 2021.24.10 include:

  • Disney+ – Watch Disney+ in the Tesla Theater app.
  • Car Wash Mode – Car Wash Mode closes all your windows, locks the charge port and disables windshield wipers, sentry mode, walk-away door locks and parking sensor chimes. For automatic car washes with conveyor belts, the Free Roll option shifts to Neutral and prevents the parking brake from automatically applying if you leave.
  • Mirror Auto Dim – You can now enable or disable automatic dimming for your mirrors.
  • Dashcam Improvements – Dashcam can now automatically save clips whenever your vehicle detects the occurrence of a safety event (such as an accident or airbag deployment). Recordings captured are stored locally and never transmitted to Tesla.

July 2021 Software Updates

2021.12.25 – New Arcade Game

The 2021.12.25.6 and 2021.12.25.7 releases include:

  • Sky Force Reloaded – In the spirit of the classic arcade shoot ’em ups, captured with modern visuals and design.
  • Cabin Camera – Model 3 and Model Y owners can choose to turn on the interal-facing cabin camera to montior attention during Autopilot and warn of distraction, in addition to recording moments just prior to an accident.

February – June 2021 Software Updates

2021.4 – Minor Fixes

The 2021.4.2, 2021.4.6, 2021.4.12, 2021.4.18.2, 2021.4.22 etc. releases include “minor fixes” plus some local market improvements.

December 2020 Software Updates

2020.48.26 – Tesla Holiday Update

The holiday update 2020.48.26 (and subsequent releases: 2020.48.30) is here:

  • Boombox – turn your car into a boombox when parked. Also, customize the sound your car makes when pressing the horn or summoning.
  • Emissions Testing Mode Improvements – Fart sounds can now be used outside the car.
  • Driving Visualization Improvements – General enhancements to driving visualizations
  • Scheduled Departure Improvements – Scheduled Departure can now precondition your battery and cabin even when your car is unplugged
  • Supercharger Display Improvements – Supercharger pins on your touchscreen will now display the number of available stalls at charging sites
  • Release Notes Improvements – Release notes now include improved browsing and access
  • Vehicle Information – The Tesla “T” has been removed from the top status bar. Tap Controls > Software for the same information.
  • The Battle of Polytopia
  • Cat Quest
  • Solitaire

2020.48.12.1 – Misc Updates

The 2020.48.5, 2020.48.10, 2020.48.12 updates includes the following improvements:

  • Text Messaging Improvements – Multiple messages from the same sender are bundled together.
  • Sentry Mode Improvements – Sentry Mode footage of the last panic event will now be saved to onboard memory.
  • Unlatching Charge Cable – Model S and X owners can press the small black button to the left of the charge port to unlock the charging cable, if the cable doesn’t have a button.
  • TRAX Improvements – minor updates to track mixing app
  • Range Accuracy – Improved battery range accuracy on Model 3s.

Learn more about Future Tesla Autopilot Software Updates.


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