Nissan ProPilot Is Impressive Self-Driving Tech

Nissan has launched ProPilot on it’s most recent versions of the Rogue and new Leaf.  It’s fairly impressive given it only uses one camera and one radar versus at least 8 cameras and one radar for Tesla, for example.  It’s able to automatically follow cars via Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and can also do Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) simultaneously, giving it Level 2 self-driving capabilities (what do self-driving Levels mean?).  It also handles stop and go traffic in addition to automated parking.

Here’s an overview from the official Nissan ProPilot Video:

Watch the review from Moto-Man:

What’s even more impressive, however, is how it handles parking.  It does so even better than Tesla, and because it’s electric it can automatically switch between forward and reverse, fully able to park itself in almost any spot.

Here’s Bjørn Nyland trying it out:

Overall, very a very impressive system given the limited sensor hardware onboard.


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