Tesla Launches Stop Light Detection and Warning in Autopilot

March 2019

In one of the most recent software updates, specifically 2019.8.3, Tesla has begun rolling out Stop Light Warning capabilities intended to alert the driver as a last resort if a red stop light is detected and the driver has not taken action.

Here’s what the update states:

.. and how it works during a quick test:

Notice in the image above how a small stop light briefly appears over the speed limit sign. However, it may not work in all cases, so do not depend on this functionality. Per the owner’s manual (for Model X):

Again, this is early software, is still being tested, does not detect stop lights in all situations and does not automatically brake. It only warns the driver as a last resort.

The Future

Tesla is working on a version of this that will allow vehicles to stop themselves at red lights and then resume once they turn green. In April, Elon stated that his development version of the software currently does this. See the full Elon Autopilot Interview here.


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