Tesla Model X Cheaper Than a Model 3?

Model X Cheaper Than Model 3

Note: This article is only meant to be informational and should not be considered financial advice.  Please consult with an accountant for your particular situation.

Many Tesla enthusiasts are on the waiting list for a Model 3, hoping to get their hands on this relatively affordable car.  However, since Tesla is currently only rolling out the high-end Model 3 until later this year, many are willing to pay more for the premium Model 3 to get it earlier.

It may sound crazy, but did you know that if you get a Model X right now (delivery by Q2), it can be around the same price as a premium Model 3?  What’s the catch, you ask?  A couple things: 1) It has to be used for business purposes and 2) You need to order soon to take advantage of the full Federal Tax incentive of $7,500.

Check out the video below for the details.  One thing that’s missing that makes the Model X a touch cheaper over time is Free Supercharging Credit on the Model X.  When you use an existing owner’s referral code, you will receive a bonus Supercharging credit, saving on initial charging costs.  A perfect way to start your EV journey!

See how: Tesla Free Supercharging Credit

Remember, order soon to get delivery of your Model X (or S) as soon as possible for the tax credit.  You can always cancel your order in three days for a full refund, or later (they will hold the deposit towards another Tesla product).

Video by Go2Mars: How The Model X Can Be Cheaper than a Premium 3:

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