Tesla Full Self-Driving Price Option Increase

Ever since the Q4 2017 Earnings call, Elon has said that he believes Full Self-Driving is undervalued. Recently, Elon stated there would be Full Self-Driving price increase on May 1st

He then later adjusted the timeline to May 10th…

Now, on May 3rd, it looks like the price has gone up $1,000, so it’s not clear what Elon meant by the tweet above.

Not only that, it sounds like it may increase even more over time. As Elon stated during a recent Autopilot Interview, he believes vehicles with autonomy are 5X to 10X more valuable than cars without. He also thinks that because Tesla vehicles have so much hardware technology built-in and that the software keeps getting better, Tesla vehicles may actually appreciate over time.

Now that the Autopilot options have been updated for 2019, we know that the Full Self-Driving package is where the future advances will occur.

Some of the exciting enhancements to come will focus on more sophisticated summon features in addition to city driving capabilities, such as navigating traffic lights and more complex intersections.

The Future

For a glimpse of what’s coming, check out future Autopilot and Full Self-Driving updates for the latest. Also, be sure to check out Tesla Autonomy Day for a fascinating deep-dive into the Autopilot technology.

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