Tesla Autopilot for Intersections in April?

Tesla Stops at Stop Lights

Tesla has been touting Full Self-Driving “feature complete” for some time and promised it by the end of 2019. That deadline instead produced Full Self-Driving visualizations that showcased what the Full Self-Driving Computer (Hardware 3) can actually see.

However, for those who purchased the expensive Full Self-Driving package, two items were promised that have not yet been delivered.

  • Recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs.
  • Automatic driving on city streets.

The next step is for Full Self-Driving is thought to be not only the recognition of stoplights and stop signs, but also responding to them by stopping. Think of it as Autopilot for intersections. Elon hinted that it may come in the US in April.

Earlier, a user called “Out of Spec Motoring” who apparently is part of the early access program (or knows someone who is), produced a video showing how it works.

Elon also retweeted this so it seems to be legitimate and apparently coming up in the next major Autopilot software update. It’s believed that while it will recognize and stop for stoplights and stop signs, the driver will need to take action to start again.

Exciting, hopefully, we’ll see it soon!

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