Tesla V3 Superchargers Now Open to Public

Tesla Public V3 Supercharger in Fremont

June 7, 2019 – Tesla has opened up the very first high-speed V3 Superchargers to the public at its factory in Fremont. These water-cooled chargers allows capable Teslas, like the Model 3, to charge up to 250 kW, meaning that they can add 75 miles of range in 5 minutes.

Much Faster than V2 Supercharging

By comparison, most current Tesla Superchargers (V2) have a maximum charge rate of 150 kW, meaning they charge much slower (see How Long Does it Take to Charge a Tesla). In addition, V2 Superchargers use charge splitting, meaning that if there’s a another Tesla charging at the “pair” to the one you’re charging at (e.g. A or B), then you only get half the rate. So effectively, by both eliminating the charge splitting and increasing the power, the new V3 Superchargers will be much, much faster.

Testing It out

Tesla Public V3 Superchargers in Fremont

The day after they opened, there were quite a few curious Tesla owners stopping by to see how fast of a charge they could get. Many got a much slower rate than expected because their battery was already fairly full and Superchargers have tapered charging (see How Long Does it Take to Charge a Tesla for more on tapering).

Tesla Model X using Tesla V3 Supercharger

Others had older vehicles that don’t support high speed charging. But a few lucky Model 3 owners with fairly low batteries, experienced the full glory of 250 kW charging (or 1,000 miles of range per hour!).

Vehicles that Support High Speed Charging

Currently only the Model 3 supports the full 250 kW charge rate. New Model S and X vehicles (as of May 2019) support up a 200 kW charge. Older Model X and S vehicles at 145 kW or slower, depending on the age of the vehicle and battery pack (e.g. prior to 100 kWh packs). It’s rumored that there will be a Model S and X refresh soon that will support the full V3 charge rates.

V3 Supercharger Differences

Tesla V3 Supercharger

The V3 Supercharges look almost identical to the V2 Superchargers except that the cable is a bit thinner.

V3 Supercharger cable vs V2 cable
V3 Supercharger cable vs V2 cable

You can also hear a difference as well. The new V3 Superchargers have active water cooling that you can hear from the outside.

Future Tesla V3 Supercharging Locations

Tesla has said that it is prioritizing placement of new V3 Superchargers and replacing V2 Superchargers at old locations where they are used primarily for long-distance trip re-charging (versus urban charging).

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